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Computers & Technology

I think this is a good way to encourage young writers and to demonstrate the importance of adjectives and using words that cause the senses to activate during reading. Great product!

Becky, Computer Literacy
Mallory Elementary
Dallas county R1, MO

We love the site! I am a lab manager with 28 computers. I have used it with Kindergarten through 5th grade. It works well on our computers. The students enjoy listening to the books, taking the quizzes and playing the games where applicable. We have tried other online book collections but they crash or hang up. Yours is the best!

Lab Manager

Tumble Book Library was a wonderful site that I accessed for group instruction in our computer lab. It allowed me to select books depending on the age, grade and interest of the students. It was easy to access and teacher friendly. It greatly augmented our current programs and would be an additional asset to our lab.

Carol, Computer Lab Aide
Chippewa Elementary
Brecksville Broadview Hts.City Schools, OH

I have been using the tumblebook site with my students at all levels. It is great! It is very user friendly for all ages and the quizzes give me immediate feedback.

Janice, Technology Coordinator
St. Marys School of Canandaigua
Diocese of Rochester, NY

Yours is one of the best online book collections I've run across. In our 30 day trial, it was especially well received when used as a resource for reluctant and emergent readers, but of course, all of the students enjoyed the wonderful animations that accompany each book. I especially like the book reviews, quizzes, and additional book listings at that same level.

Computer Resource Specialist

I really liked that the text was highlighted as it was spoken, I felt it will keep children following along and reading silently. I liked that the picture books you have are well known, lively and interesting, with bright and engaging pictures. Many more of the same would be fantastic.

Cherie, Technology Specialist
Stansbury Elementary
Granite SD, UT